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0bliviate's Journal

A new and recruiting Marauders Rp.
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Welcome to 0bliviate

1. You must be 17 years or older to apply. Exceptions might be made if you are a strong, experienced roleplayer.

2. Check the Character List (taken and open). If you see that a character is not on the list and you would like to apply as that character please let us know. Original characters are not accepted, but minor/obscure characters in cannon are. Parents of Trio-Era students are always a good way to get an "original character" feel, since there is very little, or nothing known about most parents. All characters are given one week probation.

3. A journal and AIM name is required for each character. Update whenever something happens with your character and be on AIM at least 5 hours a week.
3a. Try to update once a week. I know that sometimes this doesn't always happen, and I'm okay with that. Cuts will happen if you go completely mia (no updates, to im logs, etc...) without a hiatus notice.
3b. Cuts may happen without warnings, HOWEVER, you are always welcome to reapply after being cut.

4. Slash is permitted as well as most storylines. Any major storylines (i.e. death of a character) must be cleared with the mod first.

5. I will not tolerate OCC drama. You will get cut. End of story.

6. If accepted, join and friend all communities associated with this RP.

7. Place the name of the character in the subject line of the application to show you've read these rules. Also, please have an entry on your journal at the time of applying.

8. You may have a maximum of THREE Characters. However, you may only apply for one character a week.

Mod posts, character updates, cuts/adds, plotline notices, etc... will be posted here. Only mods can post in this community.
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Community to post IM Logs in. All members can post. Please follow posting format and information in community info. Any fic you write up relevant that takes place in the rp is also included in this community.
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Community in which to send owls. Self explanatory. Please follow any instructions in community info. All members can post.
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Out of Character community for this RP. In here you can post plot ideas, prompts, suggestsions, etc. NO OCC Drama is accepted. All members can post.
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**Any major storyline must be approved first**

This rp is based off of cannon. Sirius won't be off joining the Death Eaters, and Lucius isn't going to run off and marry Lily Evans. That being said, there are no pre-established relationships prior to the game unless the RPers want it to be. So hell if Lily wants to have a torrid affair with Severus, Remus, Rosmerta, who ever - she can. After all she's not married yet, she's only a 6th year ;)

Prior to the game the following people know about Remus being a werewolf: James, Peter, Sirius, and Severus. The marauders found out in their 2nd year, and they became the animagus by 5th year to be there for Remus. Sirius "prank" on Severus occured at the very end of year 6, so he is aware of Remus being a werewolf. "Snapes worst memory" also accurred in year 6.

The summer is ending, Marauder Time + RL Time do not correspond. November 1st 2006 = September 1st 1977, also the day of taking the Howgwarts Express back to school. The rp is open immediately, but until November 1st, students are still on their summer holidays.

Voldemort is on the rise, and is strongly recruiting for his Death Eaters. Getting the mark will not be easy and often requires the murder of a muggle, or a wizard that is a threat to Voldemort's cause. Recieving the mark itself inflicts great pain on the witch or wizard, and the mark can almost be veiwed as a curse and an honor both. Those with the mark may from time to time receive communication through the mark from Voldemort - with orders they must follow. He has no patience for failure or disobedience. (When needed a mod might post an order for a player in the owlry community in order to keep the plotlines occurring and happening - however feel free to come up with your own plots/missions as long as they don't kill off characters without permission or god mod in anyway)

Paranoia and whispers of Voldemort and his powers have been heard in taverns, hallways, alleys, dorms, and stores. However, Hogwarts is continuing on as normal, and is considered to be the safest place to reside during this time. Still just how safe is the castle? Are their death eaters amongst the faculty and students?

Included on the list of supplies for school were these magical journals that he has asked all students to keep and read. Uniting within, after all, is the only way to remain strong and defeat the enemy on hand.

Character Profile
Please have this bio filled out and placed in the character's info prior to applying. (Or some variation of this bio).

After the profile is completed, and you've written an entry for the character, complete this application and post it as a comment here.

Name: Liz aka Remus Lupin
AIM: LoKoJo7
Email: liz.bell@gmail.com

CoMod: None currently

Remus Lupin howl_at_a_moon AIM: cant be brok3n
Lily Evans thefeistygryff AIM: redheadlilyevans
James Potter prongsielicious AIM: prongsielicious

Regulus Black reggie_a_black AIM: reggiesblack
Evan Rosier comexhither AIM: sothisreveur
Narcissa Black Currently Being Held



Character List & Quick Add Tool here

Ted Tonks
Gideon Prewitt
Fabian Prewitt
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Frank Longbottom
Lily Evans -7th
James Potter - 7th
Sirius Black - 7th</s>
Remus Lupin -7th
Peter Pettigrew -7th
Dorcas Meadows
Alice (Longbottom)

Lucius Malfoy -7th
Andromeda Black -6th
Rodolphus Lestrange -7th
Augustus Rookwood
Amycus Carrows
Bellatrix Black -7th
Severus Snape -7th
Gilderoy Lockhart
(male) Crabbe
(male) Goyle
Narcissa Black -5th
Regulus Black -6th
Alecto Carrows
Rabastan Lestrange
Evan Rosier

Edgar Bones
Sturgis Podmore
Rosmerta (?)
Hestia Jones
Ludovic Bagman
Otto Bagman
Bertha Jorkins

Benjamin Fenwick
Broderick Bode
Marlene McKinnon
Rita Skeeter
Amelia Bones
(Luna's mum)

Note: Characters that have a year next to their name are in that year, characters without one can be decided upon by the RPer. Houses may be debatable for some characters, just ask a mod.

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